Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome Pinners! Calendar Sets and 1st Day In My Classroom

So in the past few days, I've notice a huge increase of traffic to my blog thanks to Pinterest!  I'm absolutely obsessed with the site and I'm glad some pinners have found their way here. Welcome!!!!!

Here's something I worked on last week and completely forgot about.  Themed Calendar Sets!!  I made one with a space theme and one with zoo theme.  With each set you get three full sets of calendar cards so you can switch up your pattern every month, today is, yesterday was, tomorrow will be signs, days of the week cards in two sizes, and months of the year cards to use as a chart and/or as calendar headers.   These were really fun to make, any suggestions of other themes you might need for your classroom?  Here's a quick preview of the two set currently available in my teachers pay teachers store.

Click Here to get them for just 2 dollars each!!

I set aside this morning to go into my classroom and really just get a feel for what needed to be done in the next couple of weeks.  Safe to say, I got more than a little carried away.  This is what my classroom looked like when I arrived (minus the conference table that was being moved out as I got there).

It was looking bare and everything got piled up on one side of the room when the carpets were cleaned.  I promised myself I wouldn't stay more than an hour because of the heat (while they put A/C units in my classroom this summer, because of wiring issues they can't be turned on) and yet THREE hours later I had moved all of the furniture to the new arrangement I had in mind and put up most of the "bulletin board" paper and borders.  I use quotes because I only have one actual bulletin board in my classroom and absolutely zero wall space.  Because chalkboards take up two walls, and lockers and windows take up the other two, I cover the chalkboards with paper so that I have more space to work with.

While I have been saying since about February that I wanted to do a jungle theme this year, I decided to just choose a few colors I liked and decorate that way.  I really like how the bright neon colors look accented with black!!

There's still a lot of work to do before the room is ready for the Pre-K Round Up in mid-August! Now that I have a visual to work with, I will be definitely be putting my cricut and laminator to good use later this week!  I'm seeing labels, and headings, and signs, Oh MY!

Here's what the room looked like after the work I did today.  
 Pretty neon colored display areas.  Number lines, word wall, class rules, center charts, author spotlight, art gallery, birthday board, and calendar center will all find their home somewhere.  As well as the half of my Alphabet line that was not yet laminated and ready for hanging.

The black shelf near the pink board is full of toys and puzzles that have yet to be unpacked.

 Here's the whole group meeting area.  Still need to finish the border and hang up our calendar/morning meeting stuff, uncover the blocks, and pull out my big books.

This half of the room still needs some major decorating!! Small group table, tabletop easel, housekeeping and construction dramatic play areas, and our science, prayer, and sensory tables at the back by the lockers.  As I start pulling out supplies and organizing (instead of just throwing bags and boxes in the general vicinity they need to be in) I'll take better pictures of my centers. 

Have you gotten into your classroom yet?  What do you still need to get ready for the start of school? 

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  1. I'm impressed! 3 hours and you got a lot done! I head to my class on Monday to get a head start. I will post pix on my blog http://theyarelikestarsonearth.blogspot.com/
    Have fun decorating!