Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beginning of the Year - New organizational system?

It's been back to school for two weeks now and I am just beginning to feel organized again. Between preparations and getting to know my class, blogging has definitely not been a priority.

Now that all of my little darlings are enjoying all of the perks of rest time, I decided to use the silence for an update.  I'm sure it is only parky of the beginning of the year chaos, but I do not remember my class being so small last year! Although I'm pretty sure I say that every year.  Three and flu year old grow in so many ways during the course of the school year!

  After getting caught up in the excitement of planning all of these wonderful things for the first days of school, I was caught off guard with how upset the little ones were.  It was helpful to have four year olds who returned  to my class to help the younger students (and remind me how far they have come since their first day of pre-k 3 last year). Now that the crying has stopped (for the most part) and the children are getting better at our routines every day, I finally feel like I've caught up.

Unfortunately, while I finally feel caught up, it seems that how I did things last year and the planning I did over the summer isn't the best fit for me or the class that I have some rearranging must be done.  A lot of procedures, including how lesson plans are done and the reading program we usr in the primary grades, have been changed by our district, so I find myself in need of a better organizational plan for myself.  The pre-made lesson plan book that I used last year isn't allowing me the flexibility I need to include the new criteria so I'm playing with the idea of creating a teacher binder instead.  I've already made a list of ideas, and plan to get to work on it over the weejend, but I'm still not sure what i want the final result to be.  Besides lesson plans and a calendar, what is a MUST in your teacher binder? 

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